Why You Need to Tell Your Story

Do you visit the ole’ RABBIT HOLE before you speak? Your adrenaline gets going and instead of being the master storyteller you've always dreamed of, you have a little voice that shows up and says, “Honey, you ain't that special. Who wants to hear from you?” 

Or equally sabotaging, the thought that says, “How is telling them about me going to help? Aren’t they here to learn about XYZ?”

Okay, here’s the thing. Storytelling isn’t about you or the audience. It’s about the connection you make with each other.

Your audience can’t connect to you if you’re not showing up. And the best way for you to show up is through your own story.

What’s your story anyway?

1. Give your audience CONTEXT into how and why you got to this moment.  Yes, this means you need to acknowledge that you've been on a journey, too. That you didn’t wake up one day and start that company, or create that product, or get your PhD because you’re brilliant. (Even if you are!)  We need to understand how and why you were called to this work in order to give a rat’s you-know-what about the content of your message. 

2. Telling your story doesn't mean your whole life story but it does mean letting the audience in. It may mean owning a major screw up, or maybe, just maybe, opening up about something you usually hide from others. On the flip side, telling more of the vulnerable stuff allows you to share the stuff you are excited about and proud of, too.

3. Give, don’t tell. If you see yourself as giving your story, then it’s reciprocal. You are in the present. If you are telling someone about you, then you are talking. Blah blah blah.

Providing context, letting the listener in, and giving your story is where the meat is. Where the beauty is. Where the shared humanity is.

When we know who you are, we are more willing to listen to whatever gift or message you want to share with us.

Before you sign off. Let me know what your biggest struggle is when it comes to incorporating your story into a speech or presentation. Please email me katherine@katherinekennedysf.com.

I want to hear from you!