Three Reasons Hiring a Coach Leads to Greater Performance

For years, my husband would tell me how to pick up something - bend your knees! - the importance of stretching - hold for at least 30 seconds! - and why running without cross training is bad for you - it just is. 

I don’t think I ever followed his instructions. So much for my deep listening skills. 

Then last year, he became a Coach and Personal TrainerI started working out with him. Miraculously, I started to do what he told me to do.
Something definitely shifted inside of me. I’ll admit there’s something less deafening being told what to do by a coach — than your husband.

When we open ourselves up to learning, amazing shifts can happen inside all of us.
Yet what happens when the stakes are high and there’s little margin for error? When you’re in front of the room and you can’t make a mistake. When your reputation, career, or self esteem is on the line?
I want to share with you a simple but profound TED Talk by Eduardo Briceño. Like an athlete who prepares for game day, Briceño urges us to find ways to stay in the learning zone
Finding the right coach is one way to stay in the learning zone and get better at the things you care about.  Here’s are three reasons why:

1. Fun. Not the sipping margaritas kind of fun. But the fun that comes from the ease and care of a trusted specialist who will hold your hand and hold a mirror up. With Humor. Insight. And a Roadmap. 

2. Accountability. We all need deadlines. No matter how methodical you are, plodding along with a trusted partner keeps you focused on taking small steps that lead to accomplishing your ambitious goals. 

3. Mindset. Most of all, when you find a coach, you create a partnership. You can hear what your coach has to say because you have committed yourself to growth. You allow yourself to stay in the learning zone. Anxiety is diffused. You take the pressure off yourself. Creativity and confidence resurfaces. 

Briceño says, "Real confidence is about modeling ongoing learning."

Stay in the learning zone until performance time. And your confidence on stage - and off - will shine through. 

And having a husband who is also your personal trainer? Not a bad gig! 

PS Here is the link to Eduardo's TEDx Talk.

PPS I'd love to be that coach for you who helps you speak with confidence and authenticity. Here's how we can work together.