The Single Biggest Mistake in Public Speaking

I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to make this mistake when it’s your turn in the spotlight.

 It ain’t about you. 
Yep, you heard it from me.
It ain’t about you.
You are at the core of your story.
You are the leader taking us on a journey.
Heck, you are the person in the front of the room!
While you are central to your message, the most important person in the room isn’t you, it’s us.
And the only way we are going to listen to what you have to say is if you’re coming from a place of generosity. Think about how many times we tune out those who are self-serving and tell us what to do, how to think, or what to feel? (Especially lately!)
We all spend too much time in our heads—or on our phones. If you’re about to give a speech, toast, pitch or tell your story, you might be spending time worrying about what you’re going to say. Rightly so.
Use that time wisely. Start your preparation focusing on the end. Not the beginning. Start with what you want the audience to walk away with.  
Ask yourself:
What’s the higher purpose? Why am I saying this? What’s the gift I want to give? 
Once you get clarity on what you want the audience to walk away with – and I mean, one sentence clarity – you can incorporate your story. Your story needs to be in there for a purpose – not for the sake of sharing your story. Your story is the vehicle that draws us in, holds us close and has the power to move us into action.
Leadership has been top of mind for most of us lately. Real leadership is about being in service to others. There’s a higher purpose. Speeches are no different.
And the spectacular ones, I mean the ones that touch us to the core and help us learn or see something new about ourselves and the world, share a gift only you can give.
The gift of your insight. 
The hard-won kind. From your experiences… your wins…your losses…your accumulated wisdom.
Ideas often come from other people. Yet insight comes from within.
Insight has the power to change our thoughts, our behavior, our actions. Insights can change the world. 

So what’s the gift of insight I want to give you?
Don’t take.

Give the gift of your insight, and you will make an impact. 
Welcome to the New Year! Here’s to knowing where you want to end up before you even begin.


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