In this deeply moving talk, my client Lucy Kalanithi shares her story and reflects on life and loss. Her husband Paul Kalanithi wrote NYT Bestselling book When Breath Becomes Air.



We create a connection between us that will serve as the starting point for the content of your talk, and the confidence you’ll have to deliver it. We’ll dig deep into your story. I’ll be listening for what you want to say and asking questions to help you tell your story.


Together, we’ll see what sticks. This process can take several drafts. We’ll dance between your writing and my editing and vice versa. We focus on the message of your talk as much as the details to support it. Everything that doesn’t work will take us directly to what will. 

Over the course of several weeks, the arc of your story will start to take shape.  We’ll start refining your key message — the gift you want the audience to remember. We'll shape the masterpiece together.


We’ll meet to practice, practice, practice. I'll coach you on delivery, projection, and cadence. Then, you’ll take your final piece and you will own it. You’ll say it in the car, to the dog, and before you go to bed at night. While you'll still feel nervous before the big day, you’ll know just what to do anyway. It’s already yours.


Projects start at $5,500. 

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