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I want to thank you so much for helping me prepare a toast for Nicole’s wedding. Thanks to your wonderful inspiration and coaching, I was prepared and able to speak from my heart. - Marcy Maloy

'Your meaningful moment' Process

Initial Intake

You’ll tell me what is swirling around in your head and heart. I’ll listen and also ask comprehensive questions to help me understand who you are and what needs to be said to help the audience connect with you. 

creation of content

One of us will take what we extracted and write a first draft. Scattered thoughts will become a cohesive storyline and talking points. We’ll work in partnership to help you go deeper as well as elevate your story and your message.

practice out loud

You’ll practice out loud. I’ll help you speak your your own voice. Then, again, and again. You'll realize, you got this.

Projects start at $750.

Please inquire for my hourly rate. I have individual, corporate and nonprofit rates.

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I was asked to officiate at my goddaughter’s wedding, and I wanted it to be a heartfelt reflection of their love and values. I had so much great raw material, both from them and their families and a good framework, but I needed it to really sing. 

Katherine was the one call I made. After 20 years of developing presentations for executives and coaching them on presentation delivery, I needed an expert myself, one with both head and heart. Katherine was able to edit my ceremony notes and make them come to life, and, in doing so, build my confidence and enthusiasm for this new role. 

The ceremony was what we’d all hoped for—personal and powerful.


Laura Gardner


Katherine took the time to get to know me as a person, to understand my relationship with my now husband, and to help articulate my goals for the wedding and exchange of vows. She helped me get all of my thoughts outs and gave me basic structure to work from. 

She then provided the right amount of space and guidance to have the words be my own but also asked questions to help draw out insights that I wouldn’t have included otherwise. Most importantly, Katherine never tried to have me be something that I am not. Once the vows were written, Katherine listened to me practice and gave pointers which built up my confidence. She also provided so much love and encouragement along the way.


Katherine was just the ticket in improving a presentation I had given many times before. She was able to reorganize my topics and add spice to it in a snap. And she did so while really valuing how little time I had available to prepare. Spot on and time efficient, two values I appreciate.


Your guidance helped me be more vulnerable, which I think helped people to connect.


Founder, Muso


You opened my heart and my voice, and I so appreciate the many ways you helped me get my thoughts together. You made this process such fun and so stress-free!

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Thank you SO much for your coaching and support - the presentation went so incredibly well and your guidance was a direct contributor to its success. The room gave applause twice during the presentation (which was so cool) and at the end there was a resounding “thanks” from the attendees.

The storytelling piece of it was what made it, with your recommendations, and visuals etc. Thank you!

karla readshaw

Director of Development, Iridescent