Why you need your WHY

I want to wake up every morning and know that I have been brought here for a reason. Don’t you?

You may wonder how I could struggle with this. Didn’t I spend 20 years devoted to an organization where lives were transformed as a result of my efforts?  Well, yes, that’s true. But it doesn’t mean I didn’t struggle to find my purpose. 

And even when I discovered my purpose, it didn’t mean that I had it all figured out. 

But I've gotta say, once I discovered that my purpose in life was to bring joy, meaning and insight to others, I started to calm down a bit. Well, not entirely.  But I started to NOT focus on my performance or my words or my actions, but on others. 

I started being more of myself and found that I could connect with each person I met in real ways

You know how people suffer from FOMO — the fear of missing out — I never felt like I was missing out. I felt joyful because I was living my values — I still do.

Whether you are getting a business off the ground, managing a sales team, leading an organization or staying at home with your kids, you are here for a reason, too.

Knowing your Purpose means knowing who you are, what you stand for, what matters to you.

It’s your WHY. It’s NOT what you DO. It’s WHY you do it. 

It's also what leads to developing your Presence, on stage and off.

I’m gonna share with you this awesome video below by Simon Sinek.  I want you to watch it. It’s the abbreviated version on YouTube.  He says that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. 

And it’s more than selling something. It’s being connected to who you are, on the inside.

So here…ask yourself these three questions:

1. What brings you joy?  I’m talking the kind that lights you up and you would do for free…Not that I am asking you to do that. :)

2. What were you uniquely brought on this earth to do?  What are the things that come easily to you?

3. How do people change or transform as a result of what you do?  What is the impact you have on others?

The next time some one asks you: “What do you do?” 

Start with: “What matters most to me is…I get a lot of joy from… so I …”

Be bold with your answer. Be bold with yourself, so that you can lift up others around you, too. 

It’s your mission statement, your personal brand, what you stand for, what matters to you. Whatever you call it, it’s your BIG WHY.

ONE MORE THING. You don’t have to say your purpose out loud or on stage or in a board meeting or presentation. But I guarantee, if you discover your WHY you will wake up every day with more abundance and with the ability to give those around more of the real YOU. 

And someday, when you are faced with a chance to give a speech, tell your story, or make a presentation, you will be armed with the deep knowledge of why you are here. 

You don’t have to be alone in figuring this out. I can help you do this in one sitting. I will ask you an important 4th question too. Like Purpose and Presence, it starts with a P...and it ain't Passion. Although you discover that, too, when you figure out your Purpose. Find out what it is. Email me: katherine@katherinekennedysf.com. We’ll dig deeper, together. 


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For a whirlwind of creativity and inspiration to start to get closer to your WHY, here is Simon Sinek's video. 

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