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At the core of what I do is an unwavering belief that your story is meant to be heard.

- Katherine

I offer a unique methodology that will help you identify the essential elements of your story and crystallize your message so that you can confidently and powerfully deliver your speech.

I believe if you know what you are going to say, you can exude the confidence to capture your audience. In all services, once we master the content and message, I help with how you say it: eye contact, tone, posture and without filler words.

You opened my heart and my voice, and I so appreciate the many ways you helped me get my thoughts together. You made this process such fun and so stress-free!  -  Averel Wilson, Teacher and Board Chair

SPEAK YOUR PIECE                      

Designed as a mini-boot camp session, I will ask questions and probe to hone in on what is essential. Scattered thoughts will become cohesive talking points. You will walk away with detailed notes, outlining what you want to communicate and certain strategies to employ. 

THE StrongStory SESSIONS      

A methodical yet out-of-the-ordinary deep dive into your story and your message. You will step into new territory as a speaker and communicator. Together, we will create the content of your speech or presentation. Or, if you already have content, we can review, edit and crystallize the message.

THE HERO'S JOURNEY                

This premier service is for you if you are seeking to make a large scale impact with your speech, TED Talk or TEDx. This process takes time, trust and a commitment to excellence. We will work in partnership. I offer a customized yet methodical process where you will create a stunning and emotionally stirring speech that will touch the lives of those who are fortunate enough to hear it.