Storytelling for Nonprofits Process:

dive in

Together, we’ll dive into what’s possible. We'll discuss where to devote my coaching, whether it's with the client or leadership of the organization -- or both. I'll probe, listen to your goals for the event and hone in on what is essential. Ideas will become a cohesive plan of attack for your signature event. The overall experience of the audience will be front and center as we make decisions on program content.

embrace your story

I can work with the leadership to inspire and engage, as well as with the people you serve to bring their irreplaceable voices to your events and fundraisers. I pay particular attention to the emotional crescendo of the evening and how to do the ‘ask.’

why your work matters

Whether I am working with the client served through your nonprofit, your CEO or Board Chair, I will infuse a level of meaning, depth and connection into their remarks and help them speak with authenticity and confidence.

action steps

I know how high the stakes are. I work in partnership over phone, in person, or video to support the speakers.


Once we master the content and message, I help with delivery: eye contact, tone, posture and eradicating filler words.  Most of all, I infuse each speaker with confidence and set them up for success.

ready - you and your organization

Well designed meaningful talks that illustrate the impact of your work will expand hearts (and giving!). It's the big day! You've got this.

A unique methodology to bring the heart and soul of your organization to audiences when it matters most. Customized to your organization's needs and timeline.

Please inquire for my nonprofit rates.

Katherine made me feel that what I have to say does matter. Without her help, I would have not been able to produce such a powerful, meaningful, and insightful speech that allowed me to share my story with others.
— Lupita S., San Rafael High School, Wesleyan University