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Katherine’s techniques helped me reach a level of self-reflection I had never experienced. With every draft I wrote, it was like I was peeling back the onion layers of my soul. Without her help, I would not have been able to convey such a deep, emotional, and honest speech in front of a community I admire and care so much about. -- Ana Baires, Assistant District Attorney, Alameda County

'Your Story Deep Dive' Process


We create a connection between us that will serve as the starting point for the content of your talk, and the confidence you’ll have to deliver it. We’ll dig deep into your story. I’ll be listening for what you want to say and asking questions to help you tell your story.


Once we extract your stories and message, together, we’ll see what sticks. This process can take several drafts. We’ll dance between your writing and my editing and vice versa. Everything that doesn’t work will take us directly to what will. 

Over the course of several weeks, the arc of your story will start to take shape. We’ll start refining your key message — the gift you want the audience to remember. We'll shape the masterpiece together.

practice OUT LOUD

We’ll meet to practice, practice, practice. I coach you on delivery, projection, and cadence. I listen for the parts of the speech that need to emotionally resonate with the audience and will help you find the words to do so. Then, you’ll take your final piece and you will own it. You’ll say it in the car, to the dog, and before you go to bed at night. While you'll still feel nervous before the big day, you’ll know just what to do anyway. It’s already yours.

Projects start at $3,000. 


In this deeply moving talk, my client Lucy Kalanithi shares her story and reflects on life and loss. Her husband Paul Kalanithi wrote NYT Bestselling book When Breath Becomes Air.


Sharing your story is the heart of effective fundraising. If your nonprofit needs to spark or re-ignite passion for your cause, I can work with individual speakers to craft their story. This will translate into raised revenue. Another benefit is that your supporters will want to come back year after year, and bring their networks right along with them. Please inquire for my nonprofit rates.

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CEO, Kesem

Working with Katherine was a true joy. She created a very safe space where I felt comfortable to explore what I wanted to say…and helped me craft my message in a way that allowed me to more fully connect with everyone in the room. 

For the first time, our guests understood the essence of what makes our organization so special. We raised an additional 40% from the previous year…and, most importantly, we inspired people to get involved. Katherine is an amazing force!

Tiana S.

Alumna, Girls Hope Pittsburgh

Because of you I was able to make such an impactful and truly from the heart speech. My best friend who knew my story for years still cried while watching my presentation. You helped me put into words my feelings, and you helped me truly see how far I’ve come. 

I’ve told my story many times before but this was the first time I felt like it was a true depiction of how much I’ve grown. You were a joy to work with.


Katherine’s coaching enabled me to gain the courage to share my personal story in a way that was purposeful and enriching for myself and the audience. I had never shared the core drive behind my mission before; Katherine respectfully pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone while providing practical guidance along the way. I hope to work with her again! 


Founder, City Health Works


Katherine provides rich insight and feedback on delivering a clear, natural story arch. She forces you to dig deep, honing in on talking points that resonate deeply with an audience emotionally. While presenting, I noticed several listeners visibly affected by the story - a testament to Katherine’s storytelling prowess. She’s also just a pleasure to work with.