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Katherine is an incredible listener and has a rare gift of making you feel completely heard. Because of this, she helps you overcome self doubt, ease anxiety and tap into your best self.



- Lisi Dean, Wealth Manager, Capital Group

Elevate Your Presence

A methodical yet out-of-the-ordinary deep dive into how you communicate and why. You'll explore the challenges that hold you back from presenting your best self in work and in life. We'll create content for a specific moment and work on your leadership communication skills. You'll step into new territory as a communicator.

Initial Intake + 8 Sessions. A customized and unique four-month coaching partnership to elevate your communication and executive presence.

  • Initial intake session includes a deep dive into your story
  • Two brief assessments
  • Subsequent sessions scheduled on a bi-weekly basis or before upcoming presentations, meetings or interactions with team members, stake holders, or clients
  • Each session will include executive coaching, directed assignments, and presentation skills

This partnership starts at $3,450.