Speaking to What Matters - Speech Coach

“Tell me about yourself.” “What do you do?”

During this storytelling workshop, you’ll learn how to answer those seemingly simple questions — and more!

You’ll learn how to embrace your personal story so that you can:

  • make authentic first impressions

  • deepen your relationships with friends and colleagues

  • inspire investors, clients, and supporters

  • land the job, promotion, or date

Because conveying who you are, what you do, and why you do what you do can be the difference between capturing an opportunity or missing one.


This half-day workshop provides a combination of reflection, writing exercises, and interactive sharing in a warm and positive environment. You’ll dig deep into the defining moments of your life, as well as airlift above so you can identify emerging themes. Throughout, you’ll have the opportunity to actively give and get peer feedback, as well as receive coaching from me.


  • Learn the Three C’s for personal storytelling

  • Feel more comfortable and capable sharing your personal experiences

  • Develop an appreciation for the power of personal stories

You’ll walk away with more insight into your passion, values, and the ability to express yourself through stories and anecdotes.


greeny grey.jpg

Katherine is incredible. She’s the most genuine, candid, approachable, kind, and trustworthy facilitator I’ve encountered. She is able to read a room and design activities and exercises that, while very personal, feel safe to share with complete strangers. 

During the workshop, I learned new insights about myself and my story in just a few short hours and feel a lot more confident in my ability to tell my story both in personal and professional contexts. I love that I had a workbook to use and time to reflect and write throughout the workshop. 

I can’t wait to work with Katherine again and cannot recommend this workshop more highly to anyone — there’s something in this workshop for everyone!

Since your workshop, I’ve talked more personally in my professional life. It’s helped me show people more of who I am.  


Carine G.

Foreign Exchange Sales Manager

Katherine’s storytelling workshop was both fascinating and impactful. She gave me the tools to learn how to identify my personal stories, and communicate them with clarity and purpose.

When I arrived for my course with Katherine, I was struggling to figure out how to use my personal story to introduce myself and my services. By the end of the day, I had discovered how my personal story is a core asset. She helped me figure out how to make my story relevant, and how to tell it in ways that build connections with colleagues and clients.