Pitching Yourself!

How to tell your story in a pitch. Whether you’re interviewing for a new job, graduate program, internship, podcast, or date [yes, date!], learning how to tell your story in a way that represents who you really are can be the difference between capturing an opportunity or missing one.

Knowing how to talk about yourself with authenticity and purpose will help you make a stronger connection and a more positive impression.

Land the client or investor. The person who can tell their story wins every time.

About You, Yes You!

How to tell your story in your About Me page. When you finally sit down to write your About Me page, you think: This is going to be simple, it’s my life, right? Instead, the same questions keep popping up: Why can’t I seem to write anything different than what’s on my resume? I don’t want this to sound salesy! How can I bring my unique voice to this?

I’ve developed a unique storytelling and coaching methodology to help connect seemingly disparate experiences and events in your life and create your “About Me” page. You’ll get clear about why your work matters to you — your why. Whether you’re serious, funny or a little bit of both, I can help you attract your ideal client by finding the words to tell your story — in your voice.


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- TOnia Lediju    Chief Audit Executive

I had an idea. One that I had been sitting on for a long time, but I felt a wee bit sheepish. I'd talked to a few people, but really needed someone to help me bring the idea to life. Who did I go to first but Katherine Kennedy, Story/Executive/Writing Coach extraordinaire. Katherine is a woman with strong passions, tremendous personal strength and professional skill--and the best laugh in the world. "You got this, girl." 

She was the one who heard my stories, believed in the idea and in me, and saw the forest when I could only see trees. She helped me integrate my wide ranging skills, interests and passions and roll it all into one. And she believed. Katherine nudged me along, gently but persistently, and didn't give up no matter how tentative I was. She kept the candle burning for me during some dark and uncertain times. I'm grateful to Katherine for her 'story coaching' but for much more than that--for her love and friendship. 

- Darby bonomi

Leg Up Performance Coaching


Working with Katherine was one of the best business investments I ever made. From the very beginning, she totally got me. With her vast experience and upbeat energy, she listened to all my ramblings and then brilliantly pulled out what was important to convey.

Together, we created content for my website and helped me build my brand. Most importantly, Katherine gave me the confidence I needed to successfully pivot from one career to another.


Portrait Photographer

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After 20+ years in the same profession I was ready for a change and I sought Katherine’s advice in how to ’tell my story’ in this new chapter. I needed help connecting the dots between my past experience, my core values and beliefs, and my new direction, so I signed up for one of her small-group workshops. This started the process of getting perspective and clarity on my career path as well as my underlying values and beliefs and key stories that reflect who I am. It was great experience and I loved the small group workshop setting, but I felt like I needed more. In short, I was still feeling unsure about this new direction and needed more coaching and support as I put the pieces in place to launch my business.

 On a very practical level, I needed content for my website and an updated LinkedIn profile. Katherine helped with all of it. We worked one-on-one and she was wonderful in listening to key themes and helping me make sense of my path and how to communicate it to others. She was warm, open, honest and super responsive and encouraging. I needed a partner and an ally in this new phase of work and life and I found it in Katherine. I am very appreciative!


Sparrow Educational Consulting


I was trying to write my About Me page for my new business and was stuck. I was referred to Katherine and immediately, she totally got me. In fact, she pushed me in ways that nobody ever has. The process was engaging and fun versus overwhelming and frustrating. She helped me find my authentic voice -- without ever even meeting me in person! Check it out.


Fundraising Consultant


Katherine has a magical way of bringing out one’s authentic self. Applying to a handful of top graduate business schools, I was tasked with telling my unique story through countless essays. I had no idea where to even start. Katherine asked all the right questions - she prompted me to reflect on my life and experiences, and dig deep into things that mattered the most to me. With her help, I was able to piece together meaningful, scattered points of my life into one cohesive story - all while having fun! 

She listens, supports, and connects with people in such an invaluable and powerful way. Katherine has an ability to make anyone feel comfortable, yet vulnerable. I never once felt like I had to put my guards up or fear judgement, as I opened up about my life experiences. I am beyond grateful to have worked with Katherine throughout my MBA application process and am even more grateful for her support and friendship! 


Priscilla got into 3 schools and received 2 full-ride offers!