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Pitching Yourself! How to tell your story in an interview

Whether you’re interviewing for a new job, graduate program, internship, podcast, or date (yes, date!), learning how to tell your story in a way that represents who you really are can be the difference between capturing an opportunity or missing one. Learn more here.

About You, yes You! How to tell your story in your About Me page

When you finally sit down to write your About Me page, you think: This is going to be simple, it’s my life, right? Instead, the same questions keep popping up: Why can’t I seem to write anything different than what’s on my resume? I don’t want this to sound salesy! How can I bring my unique voice to this? Learn more here.


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- TOnia Lediju    Chief Audit Executive

I am certain your ability to connect with me and my life story, your phenomenal deep listening skills, and your expertise in how to captivate the audience paved the road to a successful presentation.

- TOnia Lediju

Chief Audit Executive