Executive Presence Process:

dive in

We begin to create a connection between us that will serve as the starting point for our work together. What outcomes will be most meaningful to you? How will you define success? Together, we’ll dive into what’s possible. 

own your story

We'll dig into your story and what you stand for. We will notice where you get hung up and what obstacles you face when connecting with others, informally, in meetings and when speaking in front of others. You will complete two quick assessments that will lead us to your personal brand.

what do you do? and why?

How you answer that question will lead the way for you to lead others. We will merge your findings from your personality assessments. We will uncover your story and your voice so that you can inspire others. It's your personal elevator pitch. We will role play. 

key strategies

We will create strategies for your personalized communication plan. You will begin to carry your key strategies for communicating and delivering your message with you, wherever you go.

working together

We will practice your pitch, your stakeholder summary, your proposal, the conversation with your team. The tough moments, too. When and how to communicate with the people you are leading, or the people who need to lead you better. You will bring scenarios to the coaching sessions and together, we will develop the message you want to deliver in your voice.

working out loud

You'll practice. What doesn’t work, the parts you feel inauthentic or unsure will become abundantly clear. We'll shape whatever communication you're about to give, together, and you'll know what to say and how to say it.

ready - you

By now, your confidence and your strategies will be just what you need for you to own any moment, on stage or off. You’ve got this.

Four Months. Initial Intake Session + 8 Sessions. A customized and unique methodology to bring out the leader within.

This partnership starts at $2,650.