Michelle Obama Followed the Rules

Michelle Obama played by the rules this week at the DNC—and she doesn’t even have to anymore! 

Regardless of your political stance, following these 5 Rules of Public Speaking, adding your personal story and flair, can move any audience. Anytime. Anywhere. 

Rule # 1. Know Your Audience. Moms…This one was for us. Personal stories and snapshots connect us, tapping into our hopes and dreams. Who will have the power to shape our children for the next 4 or 8 years of our lives?

Rule # 2. Strong Start. The scene with her daughters in the black SUV was poignant, funny, and pulled us close. FLOTUS has fears about raising her children, too. By connecting with us on a personal level, we're rooting for her.

Rule # 3. Beginning. Middle. End. Michelle. Hillary. Us. There was a narrative. There was a momentum. We, the listeners, felt taken care of. We knew it wouldn’t go on and on. Like some other people this week. 

Rule # 4. Show, Don’t Tell. Michelle showed us WHY she believes in Hillary, with examples. It never felt preachy. And she never said his name. Tasteful & Brilliant.

Rule #5. Emotional Ending. The scene of her daughters on the White House lawn. The future is in our hands. A Woman For President. Our dreams and the dreams of our children. Ba-Bam. The future is now.

As we head into this election, savor the good speeches … those moments we can feel connected to our leaders …and to each other. 


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Katherine Kennedy