How do you 'Embrace Your Story'?

“I was honored to be invited by Technovation to facilitate my ‘Embrace Your Story’ workshop with Regional Ambassadors from all over the world.”

“I was honored to be invited by Technovation to facilitate my ‘Embrace Your Story’ workshop with Regional Ambassadors from all over the world.”

Mining for stories is what I love to do. I help all kinds of people tell all kinds of stories, because I know that YOUR story matters. It doesn’t have to be a tearjerker or a tale of hardship. You have a message to share with the world, and I’m here to help. Want to find the story inside you? I’m leading some upcoming workshops and invite you to check them out. Called the Embrace Your Story Workshophere’s a sneak peek at what past participants came out with.
“On Friday, I facilitated a training for a client in Sacramento. I had a typical introduction built in, and, on the train over, I decided to reformulate it into a story format using what you taught me at your workshop.  I told a high-level story (no more than 3-5 minutes) about my background and how/why I got into this work.  I experienced something that I never had before -- everyone's eyes (15 people) in the room were completely fixated on me as I told this has less to do with me, and more about the power of storytelling when it's done well. Thank you for all you've taught me -- I hereby replace all introductions with stories!”
 - Amanda G.
“I’ve been in denial of my story and family history for so long. I have bits and pieces of history in my mind; I just haven't told it in a coherent way before. After your workshop, here’s my revelation: I have so many powerful stories and sharing them is the way I can become a visible leader.”
Shirley D.
“Thanks so much for such a great workshop – it was really fabulous and exceeded my expectations. I really loved the connection to vulnerability – my client needs this course and I want him to take the next session. In particular, your story would be a powerful story for him to hear (and I loved it as well!)
 - Rebecca Z. 
“Since your workshop,I’ve talked more personally in my professional life. It’s helped me show people more of who I am.”
- Taku N.
“Practicing my personal stories in a safe environment was invaluable.” 
- Laura G.

"So, I had an idea. It was one that I had been sitting on for a long time, but I felt a wee bit sheepish. I'd talked to a few people, but really needed someone to help me bring the idea to life. Who did I go to but Katherine Kennedy, Speech and Leadership Coach extraordinaire.  Katherine is a woman with strong passions, tremendous personal strength and professional skill--and the best laugh in the world. "You got this, girl." She was the one who first heard my stories, believed in the idea and in me, and saw the forest when I could only see trees. She helped me integrate my wide ranging skills, interests and passions and roll it all into one.  And she believed. Katherine nudged me along, gently but persistently, and didn't give up no matter how tentative I was. She kept the candle burning for me during some dark and uncertain times. I'm grateful to Katherine for her 'story coaching' but for much more than that--for her love and friendship." 

Darby B.
"You are doing beautiful and important work." 
- Sara L-C. 

I’d love to have you join me at a workshop this fall. Can’t wait to hear how Embracing Your Story impacts your life, your career, you!

jessica bonin