Katherine Kennedy

I grew up the youngest of four in a loving, hard-working Catholic family. Love, optimism and stability were pillars of my upbringing – but expressing what I was feeling – not so much. I didn’t think I had the right to feel bad about anything because I grew up in such a wonderful family. So I learned how to hide parts of myself and keep all my negative feelings under wraps. Over time, this cost me honest relationships with the people I love.

Things changed for me in 1995 when, after working with Teach for America, I got a job with an amazing nonprofit called Summer Search helping low income kids change their lives. It was there that I learned how to mentor, how to ask questions in a different way, and most importantly, how to listen deeply. To my surprise, these young people had the courage to tell the truth about the hard stuff in ways I had never seen before. It was impossible to encourage students to talk honestly about their struggles without pushing myself to do the same. For twenty years, I worked with students, staff and board leadership and experienced how sharing what you hold inside can lead to transformation. This happened for me too.

I now coach people from all backgrounds to tell their story in a way that rocks the room. I can help you craft a powerful Ted talk, a wedding toast or translate your personal story into a business idea or offering. Together, we find what is essential about you, extract the story you're meant to tell, and develop the right words to connect with others. I’ve spent my career developing the skills to help you communicate in authentic and inspiring ways. This work is my gift, my joy and my deepest offering.

San Francisco is my home base. I'm devoted to my husband, our three children, and to approaching life with humility, love, and a hearty recognizable laugh. Other fun facts… I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA — Yep, the ‘burgh. I learned how to cook when I was forty. The first recipe I tackled was the perfect margarita. I did two half Ironman Triathalons. Could that equal one full one?

And I feel grateful every single day that this is the work I get to do.