Storytelling for Entrepreneurs Process:

dive in

We begin to create a connection between us that will serve as the starting point for our work together. What are your goals? Together, we’ll dive into what’s possible. 

embrace your story

We will dig into your personal story and what you stand for. You will complete an assessment that will lead us to your personal, and professional, brand.

why your work matters

How you answer that question will lead the way for you to lead others -- and will lead to more business opportunities. We will merge your findings from your personality assessments. We will uncover your story and your voice so that you can inspire others. You will become comfortable with your narrative. It will become part of your elevator pitch. 

build your brand

We will work towards creating, or elevating, your website, pitch deck or presentation. This work will take on several re-iterations, until the final product emerges. 

working out loud

We'll shape whatever communication you are about to give, together, and you'll know what to say and how to say it. What doesn’t work, the parts you feel inauthentic or unsure, will become abundantly clear.

ready - you

You'll be ready to share your offering and your website with others.  And most importantly, you'll be ready to communicate your business and your story with confidence and credibility.

Customized to your needs and timeline. A unique methodology to bring your brand and your business to life.

This partnership starts at $2,350.