Speaking to What Matters - Speech Coach

leading Out loud is a skill you can learn

Leadership comes from within, but let’s face it, if you want to make an impact you need to communicate (out loud!) with your team, stakeholders, and clients. I’ve developed a unique storytelling and coaching methodology to help you get more connected to yourself so that you can connect more effectively with others. You’ll get clear about why your work matters to you — your why — and we’ll work in partnership to bring your story to stage or your business idea to life, or both!

You’ll go deeper in order to go higher. Our work together will ensure that you’re communicating with authenticity and confidence, and that you’re sharing your voice, your vision and leading…so others will listen.

Initial Intake + 10 Sessions. A highly specialized and unique blend of storytelling and coaching so you can communicate with the confidence and clarity you need to make others come along with you.

  • Initial intake session includes a deep dive into your story

  • Two brief assessments

  • Subsequent sessions scheduled on a bi-weekly basis or before upcoming speeches, presentations, meetings or interactions with team members, stake holders, or clients

This partnership starts at $3,600.


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Katherine is an incredible listener and has a rare gift of making you feel completely heard. Because of this, she helps you overcome self doubt, ease anxiety and tap into your best self.

Lisi Dean

Wealth Manager, Capital Group


Working with Katherine was one of the best business investments I ever made. From the very beginning, she totally got me. With her vast experience and upbeat energy, she listened to all my ramblings and then brilliantly pulled out what was important to convey. 

Together, we created content for my website and helped me build my brand. Most importantly, Katherine gave me the confidence I needed to successfully pivot from one career to another.

So I had an idea.  It was one that I had been sitting on for a long time, but I felt a wee bit sheepish. I'd talked to a few people, but really needed someone to help me bring the idea to life. Who did I go to first but Katherine Kennedy, Story/Executive/Writing Coach extraordinaire.  Katherine is a woman with strong passions, tremendous personal strength and professional skill--and the best laugh in the world. "You got this, girl." 

She was the one who heard my stories, believed in the idea and in me, and saw the forest when I could only see trees.  She helped me integrate my wide ranging skills, interests and passions and roll it all into one.  And she believed.  Katherine nudged me along, gently but persistently, and didn't give up no matter how tentative I was.  She kept the candle burning for me during some dark and uncertain times.  I'm grateful to Katherine for her 'story coaching' but for much more than that--for her love and friendship. 


I had never worked with a speech coach before and was hesitant to hire one because I don't speak at large events, keynotes, conferences, etc. However, I am SO glad that I chose to work with Katherine because she gave me the confidence and tools to confidently speak in my everyday interactions. From meetings with senior executives to addressing a group of colleagues, I feel so much more prepared and self-assured. I would absolutely recommend Katherine to anyone wanting to broaden their speaking skills, and I look forward to continuing to work with her as I grow my career.

Before I started working with Katherine, I would objectively describe my public speaking as poor. Many times I would wake up in a cold sweat thinking about my next speech. The day of, I would have visions of getting hit by a bus or falling ill with some undesirable disease in the hope of not having to talk.

 All of this fundamentally changed for me during my work with Katherine. She is deft at helping you find your story and how your audience is primed to hear from you. This changed my entire thinking about public speaking. I now go into speeches excited and focused on the opportunity to capture an audience and get them excited about what I am saying.

The culmination of our work together was during an end-of-the year speech. I felt excited about the content and confident about my delivery. Afterwards, I received numerous complements on both. I have Katherine to thank for this. It was the best year of coaching I could have ever hoped for.