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At the core of what I do is my unwavering belief that your story is meant to be heard. 

THE StrongStory SESSIONS Process


We begin to create a connection between us that will serve as the starting point for the content of your talk, and the confidence you’ll have to deliver it. I’ll be listening for what you want to say and asking questions to help you develop your story. Together, we’ll dive into what’s possible.

throw spaghetti against the wall

You* will use the notes from our initial session to write the free-flow, first draft. We’ll get it all out and, together, we’ll see what sticks. Or if you have already written a draft, we’ll take what we learned from our first meeting together, edit, and create a revised first draft.  (*I can write the first draft, too.) 

refine and edit - us

We’ll sit together and use your draft to take us to the core of what needs to be said. Everything that didn’t work will take us directly to what will. At this stage we’ll focus most on defining the concepts. The arc of your story will start to take shape. We'll email back and forth and nail down second, third and possibly fourth drafts.


You'll rehearse. I coach you on delivery, projection, and cadence. What doesn’t work, the parts that will make the energy drop in the room, will become abundantly clear. We will take it out. You’ll practice some more.


We’ll meet one more time.  By now, your content and confidence will be just what you need for you to own the moment.

If you have an upcoming speech or presentation and need help developing your message, writing your speech or parts of your speech, and projecting confidence and authenticity during delivery, this is the service for you.  

Projects start at $3,000.