I coach people to stand in front of other people and tell their story in a way that rocks the room. It's my gift, my joy and my deepest offering.

I started my career as a corps member of Teach for America. In 1995, I joined the founder of Summer Search, and together, we built Summer Search into a national youth development program that has transformed thousands of lives. I've been honored to partner with people of all ages to dig deep, find their authentic voice, and recognize who they really are and what they’re capable of doing.

San Francisco has been my home for over twenty years. I'm originally from the Burgh - that’s right, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. I'm devoted to my husband and to our three children, and to approaching life with humility, love, gratitude, and a hearty and recognizable laugh. 

Today, I help people from across several professions and backgrounds make meaning out of their life experiences and tell their story. They want to bring their most authentic self to the moment, to further their cause and to connect deeply with their audience. They want to speak to what matters.

Katherine Kennedy