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I want to thank you so much for helping me prepare a toast for Nicole’s wedding. Thanks to your wonderful inspiration and coaching, I was prepared and able to speak from my heart. - Marcy Maloy

the first thirty – initial intake

Asking you questions about YOU. This initial intake will set the stage and allow me to understand who you are and what needs to be said to help the audience connect with you.

the second thirty – quick assessment of goals and strategies

Once we dig into your story, we'll hone in on your goals for your talk. We will notice where you get hung up as well as where you shine and articulate key strategies for you to use.

the last thirty – practice out loud

Everything I learn about you, as well as what we have outline for your goals and strategies, will lead us to this moment. You will speak your piece. Then, again, and again. You will realize, you got this!

It's never too late to ask for help. And no speaking engagement is ever too small or unimportant to work with a trusted coach and expert.

If you have an upcoming presentation (speaking on a panel, introducing an honoree, going to a job interview, exchanging your vows) and want help organizing your thoughts, this is the service for you. 

90 Minutes. Cost is $300.